Watercraft Insurance


Protection for the open waters

Watercraft Benefits
Whether you party on a yacht, sail the coast, fish in a skiff or relax in a houseboat, we can tailor watercraft insurance to fit your needs. Our boat insurance policies help to protect your investment and let you keep your worries landlocked.

Plan Summary
As a proud Louisiana company, we pride ourselves in extensive boating knowledge. We will ensure that your watercraft has the comprehensive coverage that you need, both in and out of the water. Coverage possibilities include roadside assistance for towing, liability, bodily injury, theft and vandalism, fire, personal property coverage for fishing gear, in-water towing, replacement value and environmental cleanup.

Other Plans to Consider
While Watercraft insurance is meant to cover your boat, other plans can also be considered for on-the-go coverage. We also provide Auto, Motorcycle, RV and ATV insurance coverages. Check with our agents today about including all of your motor vehicles under one plan.


Coverage for your watercraft can be personalized to your unique situation.

  • Roadside Assistance
    Provides towing to the nearest qualified repair facility and covers necessary labor at the time and place of disablement if the tow vehicle or boat trailer is disabled.
  • Liability and Bodily Injury
    If a passenger is injured, liability protection and medical coverage help to cover expenses.
  • Theft and Vandalism
    If your watercraft is burgled or vandalized, your policy will reimburse for losses or pay for repairs.
  • On-Water Towing
    If you have a problem on the water and need your boat towed to shore this will cover the costs of towing, up to your policy limit.
  • Fire
    In the event of a fire or lightning, your policy would cover the cost of damage up to your policy limit.
  • Personal Property
    This covers any loss or damage to your personal items in the event of an accident or burglary.


Together, lets find the right policy for you. Our knowledgeable agents can walk you through the process of finding the right policy for you. He/she will go over these points and more to ensure you are equipped to make the right decision for your watercraft insurance policy.

How much will it cost to repair or replace my property if it is damaged or destroyed?
Ask your agent to talk you through your property’s value so you can make an informed decision about coverage.

What discounts may be available?
You may qualify for a range of discounts that your agent will help you uncover for increased savings.

What is the process of filing and settling a claim?
Our agents will make sure you know who to call and what happens after you file the claim.