General Liability


Protection against the unexpected.

General Liability Benefits
As the years pass, the risk of being sued continues to rise for business owners. This risk also multiplies as your assets increase. General liability insurance can protect your business from financial disaster in the case of a legal suit.

Plan Summary
Though many business owners invest in a personal umbrella policy, it likely excludes business-related liability. General liability policies cover the gaps and pay for losses arising from real or alleged bodily injury, property damage, or personal injury on your business premises or arising from your operations.

Other Plans to Consider
Sometimes claims exceed the maximum coverage limits of insurance plans. Don’t find yourself with empty pockets – extend your coverage with an umbrella policy.


General liability insurance coverage can be personalized to your unique business situation.

Bodily Injury and Property Damage
Bodily Injury, including the cost of care, the loss of services, and the restitution for any death that results from injury. Property Damage coverage for the physical damage to property of others or the loss of use of that property.

Products-Completed Operations
This provides liability protection (damages and legal expenses up to your policy’s limit) if an injury ever resulted from something your company made or service your company provided.

Products and Contracutal Liability
Products Liability is a more specialized product liability insurance that protects your company against lawsuits from product-related injury or accidents. Contractual Liability extends to any liability you may assume by entering into a variety of contracts.

Other Coverage
Other coverage includes: Reasonable Use of Force; Borrowed Equipment; Liquor Liability; Non-Owned Vehicles (such as aircraft and watercraft); Fire, Lightning or Explosion Damage; Water Damage Liability Protection; Legal Defense Costs; Medical Payments; Personal Injury; Advertising Injury; and specialized liability protection for specific business types.


Our knowledgeable agents can walk you through the process of finding the right policy for you. He/she will go over these points and more to ensure you are equipped to make the right decision for your auto insurance.

How much will it cost to repair or replace my car if it is damaged or destroyed?
Ask your agent to talk you through your car’s features so you can make an informed decision about coverage.

What discounts may be available?
You may qualify for options such as safe driver, multiple policies, or Good Student discounts.

What is the process of filing and settling a claim?
Our agents will make sure you know who to call and what happens after you file the claim.